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Licensing Services

Schedule a comprehensive initial consultation to assess your eligibility for a medical marijuana card. Our experienced team reviews your medical history and current condition to determine if you qualify for a medical marijuana license. Ensure you have all necessary documentation and understand the process from the start.

Medical Marijuana Evaluation by Licensed Physicians

Connect with licensed physicians who specialize in medical marijuana evaluations. Our doctors provide thorough medical assessments and discuss personalized treatment options. Benefit from their expertise in medical cannabis and its therapeutic benefits for various conditions.


Schedule comprehensive general ultrasound examinations for various medical conditions. Our state-of-the-art equipment provides accurate imaging for diagnosing and monitoring a wide range of health issues. Ensure timely and precise medical evaluations with our expert ultrasound services.

Expertise and Advanced Technology

Our ultrasound clinic boasts highly qualified sonographers who utilize the latest ultrasound technology for accurate and detailed diagnostics. This ensures precise results and better treatment outcomes, whether for routine prenatal scans or specialized diagnostic ultrasounds.

Personalized Care and Convenience

Experience personalized care with our friendly staff, flexible scheduling, and comfortable environment. Located conveniently with online booking and telehealth options, we make your ultrasound experience stress-free and accessible. Choose our ultrasound services for a seamless and patient-centered approach.